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We want to give you fast answers so you can keep enjoying ShipLowCost.com. Below is a list of the most common questions and issues we get from our users. Simply click on the item below to get your answer.

Q1.What is ShipLowCost?
A1.ShipLowCost.com is another innovative solution that was inspired by the increasing trend in the concept of buying from online shops as against the typical brick and mortar stores.  The idea was to help both the private individual and the business client in their online shopping by providing a simple yet effective tool to manage in a similar way the logistical aspect of the online purchase/s.

ShipLowCost.com is an online portal that not only provides you with a Low-cost freight price on demand any time and day of the week, but also it will guide you all the way through with the least of hassle.  

So just sit back and relax. We have opened for you a whole new world of shopping experience in the comfort of your own home or office. Our transport solutions are available from the biggest European markets that are U.K., France, Germany, Italy and with more to follow...
Q2.What are the benefits of using ShipLowCost?

The ShipLowCost service will allow you to;

  • Take advantage of the free delivery services provided for by the online shops to their respective country and then enjoy our low-cost transport prices to get your stuff delivered to your door in a very short span of time.
  • No more size and weight limitations * see Q8 on our customer service page
  • No more problems associated with buying from stores or EBay sellers that do not ship internationally.
  • No more paying exaggerated post and courier fees that do not make the purchase worthwhile anymore.
  • No worries about buying at night, this is a 24/7 online service, easy to use!
  • No need to take a day off from work, all Transport and Shipping solutions are now just a mouse click away.
Q3.How does it work?
  • Via our online portal, we will provide you with our warehouse addresses in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy that you can use as your delivery address on your next online purchase from any of these countries.
  • Upon purchasing your item, register the purchase on our website giving us few details about your shipment and your preferred delivery address in Malta including the convenient delivery time which can be either in the morning or afternoon as you require.
  • After the registration process you will be directed to the payment gateway where you can effect payment by using your Visa or any other local credit card. A tracking number is given to you so you can check the status of your order from time to time.
Q4.How can I calculate the costs?

We have come up with 2 solutions that can help you get the cost calculation in a few seconds. You can obtain the shipping cost either by using the drop down menu and search from our long list of most wanted products that we have predefined for your convenience. Otherwise, if you have the dimensions of the product you will be buying e.g. Length / Breath / width + weight, you can enter this information in our shipping calculator and get the shipping cost displayed in a blink of an eye.

Q5.Is Vat included in the prices supplied on your website?

Yes, all prices shown on our website are inclusive of vat.

Q6.When will I receive my goods?

Departures from the U.K., France, Germany and Italy are every Thursday for arrival in Malta the following Tuesday. Local deliveries are then carried out between Wednesday and Thursday. Consignments are to be delivered to our hubs by Thursday 10am to ensure loading on trailer.

Q7.What do I need to be able to shop online and simultaneously use ShipLowCost?
You will need:
  • An internet connection
  • A credit card
  • Have your goods shipped to any of our 4 depots in U.K., France, Germany or Italy.
  • Registering your goods on the ShipLowCost website (www.shiplowcost.com)
Q8.What is the maximum size or weight that I can ship using the ShipLowCost service?
A8.There are no such restrictions in the size and weight for a particular shipment as long as this does not exceed the legal limitations of a road trailer. Nevertheless to make things simple we have done a threshold in our website to limit the size of a single object being over 3.5mtrs in length, 2.4mtrs in width, 2.7mtrs in height or having a gross weight of over 1500kgs.   Should you have any shipment which exceeds the mentioned dimensions kindly contact our customer care on support@shiplowcost.com
Q9.What if I need to return the goods back to origin?

Yes, we can return back your goods to our respective hubs in Italy, Germany, France or U.K. at 75% of the cost of shipping them to Malta. We can arrange the delivery ourselves at an additional cost which can be obtained by contacting our customer care at support@shiplowcost.com

Q10.Can I cancel the order after I have registered the goods in the ShipLowCost website?

Yes you can do this by contacting our customer care department on support@shiplowcost.com

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