We want to give you fast answers so you can keep enjoying ShipLowCost.com. Below is a list of the most common questions and issues we get from our users. Simply click on the item below to get your answer.

  • Q1. What is ShipLowCost?

    ShipLowCost.com is another innovative solution that was inspired by the increasing trend in the concept of buying from online shops as against the typical brick and mortar stores.  The idea was to help both the private individual and the business client in their online shopping by providing a simple yet effective tool to manage in a similar way the logistical aspect of the online purchase/s.

    ShipLowCost.com is an online portal that not only provides you with a Low-cost freight price on demand any time and day of the week, but also it will guide you all the way through with the least of hassle.  
    So just sit back and relax. We have opened for you a whole new world of shopping experience in the comfort of your own home or office. Our transport solutions are available from the biggest European markets that are UK, France, Germany, Italy, Sicily, Spain, The Netherlands and Austria, as well as EXPORT SERVICE from Malta to any country in the WORLD! 

  • Q2. What are the benefits of using ShipLowCost?

    The ShipLowCost service will allow you to;

    • Take advantage of the free delivery services provided for by the online shops to their respective country and then enjoy our low-cost transport prices to get your stuff delivered to your door in a very short span of time.
    • No more size and weight limitations * see Q8 on our customer service page
    • No more problems associated with buying from stores or EBay sellers that do not ship internationally.
    • No more paying exaggerated post and courier fees that do not make the purchase worthwhile anymore.
    • No worries about buying at night, this is a 24/7 online service, easy to use!
    • No need to take a day off from work, all Transport and Shipping solutions are now just a mouse click away.
    • Send consignments to any destination of your liking with our cost-effective service
    • Buy packaging materials directly on our website
    • Send consignments to any destination of your liking with our cost-effective service 
    • Buy Packaging Materials directly on  our website for your export order


  • Q3. How does it work?

    Simply book your order on our website, after making your necessary arrangements with the seller / buyer.  Leave the rest to us   Please click here for more information

  • Q4. How much does it cost?

    Enter the number of colli, dimensions and weight of your consignment in the calculator after selecting the from and to country and click on 'get quote'

  • Q5. Can I get an import quote if I do not have the dimensions and weight of the item?

    We always suggest to ask the supplier for the packed dimensions and weight so an accurate booking can be placed. If this is not possible, one can make use of the 'measure my parcel' option. Using the measure my parcel, will let you proceed with a booking, goods are then measured upon arrival in Malta and you'll be notified of the additional cost to be paid.

  • Q6. Can I combine transport for items delivered separately?


    We do not offer consolidation service, therefore a separate booking is to be placed on our website for each consignment delivered separately at the hub.


  • Q7. What is the maximum size or weight that I can ship using the ShipLowCost service?

    There are no such restrictions in the size and weight for a particular shipment as long as this does not exceed the legal limitations of a road trailer. Nevertheless to make things simple we have done a threshold in our website to limit the size of a single object being over 3.5mtrs in length, 2.4mtrs in width, 2.7mtrs in height or having a gross weight of over 1500kgs.   Should you have any shipment which exceeds the mentioned dimensions kindly contact our customer care on support@shiplowcost.com

  • Q8. How do I get quote if I have multiple items from the same supplier and delivered together?

    Start by entering the dimensions and weight of the 1st item, select hub and click on ‘ get quote’, then click on ‘ok, add to shipment’ and ‘continue shopping’. Proceed by clicking on ‘continue shopping’ to be able to enter the dimensions and weight of the consecutive item.

  • Q9. How do I book my Order?

    Register / Login, proceed with the selection of countries from the drop down menu, click on 'Proceed', enter the dimensions, weight and quantity, click on calculate, add to shipment, enter the required details and proceed to payment.

  • Q10. From where can I view the hub address?

    Once you register on our website you will be able to view the full hub address, which also include your unique ShipLowCost Identification Number.  Kindly ensure to include this when forwarding our hub address to your supplier.


  • Q11. How should my parcel be addressed?

    It is very important that your parcel is addressed to your unique ShipLowCost Identification Number as listed on your profile.
    See Example below:
    ShipLowCost C/O EUF Group Ltd
    Unit 30, Kerry Avenue, 
    Purfleet Industrial Estate
    Purfleet, Essex RM154YA

  • Q12. Why is my item being refused and returned back to my supplier?

    The reasons why consignments would be refused at our Hubs are as follows;

    Not Marked – if your boxes are not marked to identify the number of packages that are being delivered. for example if you have 2 items being delivered they would need to be marked 1 out of 2 and 2 out of 2.

    Incomplete number of packages - if the boxes are marked 1 out of 3 for example and only 1 or 2 are being delivered.

    No Name or SLC number is written on the consignments. 

    Lastly is if any signs of damage which effects the contents are noticed upon delivery.

    Kindly revert back to your supplier/courier service to clarify the reason of refusal. 


  • Q13. How will you recognise my parcel when you receive it at the hub?


    We will recognise your parcel by your unique ShipLowCost Identification Number, this will enable us to assign to your booking and forward transport to Malta.


  • Q14. I need to purchase an item from outside Europe? Do you have any hubs?

    We do not have any hubs outside Europe, however if your supplier agrees to deliver to one of our hubs and effect relative paperwork, it would be possible for us to then deliver your goods from our hub to your address in Malta.

    Please be aware that Customs duties apply when goods originate from countries outside the European Union,  which we kindly ask you to check beforehand with your supplier.  Custom charges can be paid directly from your end, otherwise they can be paid by our counterparts and then we'll forward the charges to you + an admin fee of €22.00 (inc. VAT).

  • Q15. Can I track my item?


    You may track your item directly on your Profile dashboard, clicking on the tracking number on the order confirmation or by entering the tracking number on the track your shipment tab on our homepage


  • Q16. When should the packages be delivered to your hub for loading on same week’s trailer?

    To ensure loading on same week’s trailer your packages are to be delivered by:
    •Thursday 10am to the hubs in:
     Austria, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain and UK
    •Friday 10am to the hub in:

  • Q17. What are the departure times from Sicily?


    Our trailer loads and departs from Sicily every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday for arrival in Malta the following day.



  • Q18. When will I receive my order in Malta?

    Trailers from Austria, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Spain and UK, depart on Thursday for arrival in Malta the following Tuesday.
    •Trailers from Italy depart on Friday for arrival in Malta on Tuesday.

    At booking stage on our website you can either opt for delivery which is carried out within 2 working days from arrival in Malta, otherwise you may opt for pick up in which case goods would be available for collection from our office in Luqa the next working day from arrival in Malta.

  • Q19. Will you deliver my parcel?


    At booking stage you can opt for delivery, if so we will deliver your package within 2 working days from arrival date in Malta therefore for goods arriving in Malta on Tuesday, delivery will be carried out between Wednesday and Thursday.


  • Q20. Do you call before effecting delivery?

    We aim to deliver in a timely manner, we do not normally call before effecting delivery however tracking status will be updated to In Delivery on the day delivery is scheduled.

  • Q21. What happens if I miss a delivery?

    If we come and miss you, our delivery team will leave you a note and 2nd attempt will be carried out within 2 working days. On failure of the 2nd delivery attempt, order will be brought to our Malta Hub and a notification will be sent by email as soon as the order is available for pick up.

  • Q22. Is there an additional cost for local delivery?


    If your package exceeds 300kgs or 1cbm (whichever the greatest) a local delivery charge applies, of which you will be notified before processing payment. Otherwise local delivery up to kerbside is free of charge.

  • Q23. Can I collect my order instead of having it delivered?

    At booking stage, you may opt for pick up from our office in Luqa, goods are normally available for pick up on Wednesday morning.  You will be notified by email as soon as your order can be picked up.

  • Q24. Is insurance included? Can I Insure my goods?


    Shiplowcost will only cover up to €50 in case the shipment is lost or damaged in transit. Not opting for insurance means  you will take the full risk. You can insure your goods by entering the shipment value + shipping costs at booking stage and select 'Yes, I want to take insurance cover'.

  • Q25. Can I change my delivery address?

    You can change your delivery address before your order arrives in Malta. To do so, please add your new address in your shiplowcost profile and send us an email on support@shiplowcost.com informing us about the change.

  • Q26. My supplier is requesting an export certificate, where do I get this?

    An export certificate can be purchased on our website as proof that goods will be exported from the UK hub to Malta.  To purchase the export certificate please log in on your ShipLowCost profile, go to My Account > My Orders - select order and then click on Export Certificate and enter the requested information.  
    The cost for the Export Certificate is €9.50, once payment is settled the certificate will be available for download.

  • Q27. Can I cancel my booking if my items still haven’t been delivered to your hub?

    Full refund will only apply when cancelling orders before these are delivered to our international hubs.  Orders may not be cancelled once the shipment has left the hub and is in transit.  

  • Q28. What if I need to return back the goods to origin?

    You may proceed by booking an export order directly on our homepage

  • Q29. Can you collect my goods from the supplier’s address?


    Collection service is not offered by ShipLowCost, for Door to Door service, please contact our Mother Company, Express Trailers on +356 21 242 311 / sales@expressgroup.com for a quote and more information.

  • Q30. Do you transport Vehicles ?


    For vehicle transport, please contact Express Trailers on +356 21 242 311 / sales@expressgroup.com

  • Q31. Is Vat included in the prices supplied on your website?


    When getting a quote on our online calculator, both rates will be shown (ie. excluding and including VAT).  Final payment is inclusive of VAT.

  • Q32. Are there any restricted items?


    Yes. There are particular items which are either restricted by law to be carried in a regular international transport service or not covered by the company’s liability insurance and following is a list of typical products that cannot be shipped via this service which include though not limited to; articles of unusual value such as (coins, currency, postage stamps, negotiable instruments), firearms, live ammunition, precious metals, precious stones, ivory, industrial diamonds, letter of credit shipments, live animals, pornographic material, drugs prohibited by law and dangerous goods.


  • Q33. Is there any restriction on the value of goods?

    If your product is worth more than €10000 we would like to be informed. Please contact our customer care department on support@shiplowcost.com to arrange your delivery.

  • Q34. When can my supplier deliver?


    Our hubs are open from Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm, please inform your supplier to deliver between these opening hours. 

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